The Story Behind Us

As the world is getting more globalized, every year a great number of people study abroad or plan to get secondary or higher education overseas. According to the statistics, the number of international students from Africa has grown from 1,2 million in 1990 to 5 million in 2014 and is expected to reach 8 million by 2025. Developing countries need highly qualified workers prepared for a globalized economy. This explains rapid popularity growth of education fair and  expos within Africa.

Since 2007 Lekkside Education Fair  assists all types of education providers with recruitment activities. We have a long history of well organized and successfully held events and promo campaigns.

Our participating institutions range from large state schools, private colleges and universities, community colleges, trade schools, and language centers. We tailor our service to each client, yet strive to give all an experience beyond their expectations. In turn, they return to present at our shows year over year, developing a strong bond with our company.


Since 2007, we have helped thousands of students study abroad using our years of experience coupled with our core values – Ethics, Expertise and Leadership. It is no wonder we are the most trusted name in the field of overseas education in Nigeria.

Lekkside Education Fair provides a personalized experience to all participants. The fair are limited to 20 participants, After the event, universities receive a complete database with all students who attended the evening fairs in each city during the fair  totaling thousand of names for future contact.