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Thinking of selling your school

Thinking of selling your school or other educational establishment? Lekkside as a broker is offering a service that is personal, professional and confidential.


If you wish to sell your school , you are not alone. Whether you own an independent preparatory school, a special school, a business school , Colleges and University. we can help. We have a database of fully registered buyers who have signed our confidentiality agreement and are waiting to buy a school just like yours.

We understand that confidentiality is vitally important and we strive to ensure that confidentiality is maintained at all times.

If you would like to discuss the potential sale of your school, or if you just want some information please give us a call on + 2348100413344.

We offer a service that is:

We find it helpful to have a personal relationship with our clients. This allows us to discover what their real needs are; we achieve this by visiting our sellers.

We are always aware of the vital need for confidentiality when proprietors wish to sell their schools. We only disclose the name of the school to one of our fully registered buyers with the proprietor's agreement.

Selling a School Stage Registration
1 Please contact us initially by telephone or email and Amson Adeleke will be happy to talk you through the process of selling a school. We will then send you our standard Registration Pack (which asks for general details of your school) and Terms and Conditions. Then either provide details of your website or provide a copy of your school prospectus.

2 We also ask you send us your most recently produced accounts with the detailed Trading and Profit and Loss Sheets, to enable us to calculate 'Operating Profit' - a term for which we have our own specific definition. The Operating Profit figure enables our buyers to compare like with like when they read our assessments and it is used in calculating 'Goodwill'.

3 Once we have received this information we will be in contact to arrange to visit your school for proper verification.



Thinking of Buying A School With An Experienced Team

If you are thinking of buying a school, please contact our experienced firm. We would be pleased to provide you sound advice in connection with the process, advantages, pitfalls, financing, and market for buying a school. We can provide consulting services in connection with presenting your background and defining your acquisition objectives and financial requirements to school sellers. Due to the confidential nature with buying and selling educational institutions, all buyers must contact Lekkside first before we share additional information about schools and colleges that we consult with.

Lekkside is an international merger and acquisition consulting and advisory firm focused exclusively on investments in the private education sector. We are one of the most active consulting firms in the field and have significant experience in education. We are a value-added advisory that leverages our deep operating expertise and knowledge of education businesses to drive enhanced value for our clients. We work with school and business owners and buyers from across the globe regarding the sale of their educational institution – be a school, language school, education-related business, and/or career college. We work with an extensive list of qualified buyers seeking to purchase businesses in variety of markets and school types. These include corporate buyers seeking platforms or add-on acquisitions, high net-worth individuals, private equity firms, and/or other qualified parties interested in acquiring private schools. Additionally, in a select few occasions, Lekkside also represents buyers with their search and purchase of a private school.

Our firm specializes in private school development services in areas such as:
Mergers, acquisitions, and sale of established private schools (Preschool, K-12, Language Schools, Career Colleges, education-related businesses);School start-ups; and Management and operations.

Our team has a proven track record assisting school owners to find qualified buyers and supporting them with the sale of their school with regards to:

QUALIFIED BUYERS:We find the most suitable buyer(s) for business owners through our extensive and qualified list of buyers.
TURN-KEY SERVICES: We take the lead regarding the sale of the school -- from valuation to closing the deal.
MAXIMUM VALUE: Our industry leading knowledge provides school owners with the highest selling price and best terms possible.
CONFIDENTIAL: Our approach is handled with the strictest of confidentiality and maximum intrusion in the school’s operation.

We work with a wide-range of schools internationally – be it non profit or for profit. We have a constant flow of potential buyers due to our extensive networking in the education-sector and word-of-mouth reputation. To ensure that our list of buyers are active, we regularly contact them to update information about their requirements and profile.

Our relationship with our clients is conducted with complete confidentiality, commitment, and high ethical standards. The confidentiality that Lekkside provides means that the value of the school can be tested against a range of offers. We understand the sensitive nature of this matter and assure you that we will hold in confidence our conversations and any information we receive from you.

Register As A Buyer
So that we can better assist your needs regarding your interest in buying a K-12 private school, post secondary institution, college, language school, or any educational business, please complete the form below and we will make arrangements to contact you confidentially.

Do not hesitate to contact Lekkside if you would like to find out more about our services. You can set this up by sending an email to or calling directly at +234-810-041-3344.


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